Meet our Leaders

With Jesus as our example, we are honored to lead, guide,

and sacrifice for the East Auckland City church community.


Pr Jean-Noel Adeline is the pastor of our church. More information coming very soon...

Jean-Noel Adeline


Litiana Mar is our Ministry Team Leader. She has been a member of the East Auckland SDA Church for thirty-one years, much of that time as the Treasurer.  In 2021, she stepped back from that role, and now volunteers alongside a team of people who enjoy helping others and doing a job well.

The ministry team is involved in the practical aspects of serving the local church and community. This includes creating a welcoming, safe, hospitable, and orderly environment, along with keeping the facilities clean and tidy. Whenever there is a sickness or bereavement, this team is also ready to provide whatever support is needed.