Meet our Leaders

With Jesus as our example, we are honored to lead, guide,

and sacrifice for the East Auckland City church community.


Pr Jean-Noel Adeline is the pastor of our church. More information coming very soon...


Litiana Mar is our Ministry Team Leader. She has been a member of the East Auckland SDA Church for thirty-one years, much of that time as the Treasurer.  In 2021, she stepped back from that role, and now volunteers alongside a team of people who enjoy helping others and doing a job well.

The ministry team is involved in the practical aspects of serving the local church and community. This includes creating a welcoming, safe, hospitable, and orderly environment, along with keeping the facilities clean and tidy. Whenever there is a sickness or bereavement, this team is also ready to provide whatever support is needed.


Christine Miles is our Lead Elder & Evangelism Team Leader. She has attended East Auckland SDA Church for more than ten years. The church family is her spiritual family as her immediate family does not recognise God to be real and present; as a result, she has a keen interest in finding ways to connect with people in a big city, crowded life, dependent-on-self, environment.

The evangelism team identifies ways in which people can share their love for Jesus with those who may not know Him yet. This includes facilitating opportunities to witness together, but it also encourages identification of personal strengths so that each person can be confident to engage with their own family, friends, and neighbours.


Malcolm Thomas is our Discipleship Team Leader. He hails from Cape Town, South Africa, and has been attending East Auckland SDA Church for four years. As a continual learner, Malcolm recognises that developing a personal relationship with God, learning to worship Him, and being able to endure trials knowing that God is alongside, means being able to communicate faith to others who need to know Jesus.

At the heart of being a disciple is growing in love with Jesus. The discipleship team provides opportunities to nurture our relationship with Jesus and, in turn, to discple others. These spaces of growth include our weekly Sabbath School discussion groups, Life Groups, Family Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, and Children's Ministry.

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